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About us

The B & B “Antico Casale Umbro” is a structure renovated and expanded with sobriety to respect
the environment and the rural style. Is located within the hills of Passignano on the Trasimeno,
near 350 m s.i.m. Located in a park of 6,000 square meters and surrounded by fields of ubertosi woods, it dominates the valley of PiandiMarte, a place of historical interest.

It consists of two levels: ground floor, being in the past a barn for animals, now being a representative zone (living-room with chimney and a panoramic veranda, a place for relaxation and to enjoy a glass of wine by candle lights and admiring the marvellous sunsets), the dinning-room and kitchen; while at the upper floor, in the past used as a kitchen, now is a zone with bedrooms, all with its own private services, among them, a suite with a bed at baldacchino and chimney. In the interior, original wooden beams, terracotta tiles. The furniture has been made by local artisans.

The B & B has very pleasant bedrooms and furnished with good taste, all with is own private services to allow the guests the pleasure of feeling at home, enjoying the quietness and uncontaminated nature and the taste of simple things but of great value.
It also has a swimming pool, surrounded by greenery nature and centuries-old olive trees.
Is the ideal place, with a world suspended in time and magnificent nature environment to easily rediscover yourself, ancient smells and forgotten colors.

B&B Antico Casale Umbro -Località Piandimarte, 4 - Castel Rigone 06065 Passignano s. Trasimeno - Perugia (PG)
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